Shooting Sculptures



When it comes to photographing light coloured three-dimensional artwork like these beautiful animal sculptures, choosing background is quite important. In this blog I wanted to feature two examples of this. The three cream coloured horses moving in a circle is work by artist Wendy Jorre de St Jorre. The white elephants are pieces shot for a giftware company’s online shop.

Wendy wanted her pieces shot in a way that represents their true forms and colour variations as well as capture the perception of movement. I knew that grey background would work best for this.

The images for the giftware company had to all be shot on a light coloured background to match the rest of the imagery on their website. This meant shooting white product on a light backdrop, which is not easy.

For both of these shoots, it was clear that a graduated background would work the best. It provides a contrast in the background that brings out the three-dimensionality as well as product’s details.