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Examples of green scrunchy photography by Andrea Russell Photographer

Diverse product photography for a business making and selling scrunchies – Jumbo Size Scrunchies

Recently I photographed products for a scrunchies manufacturing business.  My client had 55 different colour scrunchies.  To be used on her website, I photographed each colour version 4 different ways:

  • plain white background image

  • styled image

  • styled label close-up image

  • Product in hair (on a model) image

My client also wanted a selection of social media and website banner images:

  • group images featuring particular colours or fabrics

  • scrunchies on model’s wrist or being held by the model in different ways

Website banner image examples featuring styled scrunchies by Andrea Russell Photography

Website banner image example

This was quite an involved product photography shoot and planning for it was crucial.  Along with her product, my client brought to the studio various tubs full of magazines, jewellery, scarves, platters, dried flowers and other props for our styling product photography session.  We also organized a model who brought with her various singlet tops as well as jewellery.

This job was photographed in three parts.  In my Perth photography studio, I focused first on the plain white background images which had to have the label showing and each scrunchie look the same size. 

Different examples of product photography by Andrea Russell Photography

Second part was creating styled product photography images.  Using provided props and others from my own collection, I spent time matching each product with a few props.  This was done in groups of usually 10.  Sometime I used the same prop ensuring each image created was totally unique.  This process took a few days to photograph as I needed to produce full as well as a close-up image of each scrunchie.  Styling a small selection of group images was next.  These had to be photographed as long horizontal webpage banner images featuring a few different colour scrunchies and matching props. 

The final part of the photography was working with a model.  This was a full day shoot that involved matching tops and jewellery to the product colours.  I photographed the model on a white as well as a grey background ensuring model’s poses were varied and focused on the product.  

Jumbo Sized Scrunchies photography by Andrea Russell Photography

Each product photography client has different digital work requirements for their product.  In this instance all images (apart from the banner ones) had to be square.  For the plain white background images, the digital work was most involved.  Each product had to be selected in Photoshop, pure white background added, checking the soft reflection under each scrunchie was visible.  

Only basic colour, sharpness and clean up was required for the styled and model images but the cropping to square did take longer for these images. 

Blue scrunchies styled, on white, on model and close up photography by Andrea Russell

I am very happy with the final results for this product photography job.  After the job was complete my client sent me a quick email message:

“Thank you so much Andrea, it’s was a great pleasure doing business with you and we really appreciate the perfect outcome!”

She was also very kind to write a GOOGLE BUSINESS RECOMMENDATION:

“Andrea is an excellent, passionate and exceptional professional photographer. She is very creative and knows very well how to mix and match colours, lighting and themes, all the images she took came out perfect and amazing. She is also very kind, patient and understanding. I am overall very happy with the service and products I received from Andrea and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the million-dollar images. Thanks again Andrea”

Blue and green scrunchies styled and photographed by Andrea Russell

To view the full range of images I created for my client, please visit my client’s website by clicking here – JUMBO SIZE SCRUNCHIES.




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