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When organizing corporate photography shoot for your workplace, there are many things to keep in mind and plan for.  Below are some corporate photography tips I always share with my clients.

Corporate portrait of a business team in a meeting room
Neutral greys, browns and touches of blue are featured in this team image


  • The length of each corporate photography session depends on how many times we need to move the lighting and how many people need to be in each image.  The more people and the more locations, the longer each shot takes.

  • Images of teams which look professional are the ones where people match in some ways.  This can be done through similar makeup and hair, similar clothes, poses or locations used.

  • Best is to wear neutral looking colours, say cream and another colour like burgundy or navy blue.  Black or very bright colours can sometimes look too harsh next to our skin. 

  • A white shirt will very easily blend into a white background.  In order to separate the two, try wearing darker blazers or jackets.

  • Busy patterns are very distracting and can reflect the pattern into the skin.  Do not wear clothing with very fine patterns, fabric textures or writing of any kind.  It’s best to stick with classic elegant one-colour looks.  

  • Fitted clothing looks better in photos than jackets/tops that are too loose.  Bring a few options just in case the favourite piece does not quite work on the day.  

  • Iron and steam clothes beforehand so there are no creases in the clothing.  

  • If you are after images that show full body, then matching shoe colour for all staff is recommended.  

  • Choose natural and neutral make up and nail colours. 

  • If a staff member is getting their hair done for the shoot to look a certain way, it is best to discuss this with all staff in order to ensure you all match.      

Individual corporate headshot
Individual corporate headshot

Business team facing forward
Using a white wall but lighting in a way it stays grey so the white shirts stand out


  • If a particular colour which matches your brand logo needs to be featured in the images, it is good to find clothing to match this colour.  If clothing in this particular colour is too hard to find for the photos, then think about other options like accessories.  Hair band, scarf, brooch or even jewellery can be used to bring touches of colour and detail to an image.  Be mindful that large accessories do distract the eye.  

  • Adding some of your corporate logo colour details into the background of an image can be achieved through props like banners, flowers, picture frames, etc.  Ensure you have a selection ready for the shoot.

Cirrus8 corporate headshot by Andrea Russell Photography
Business headshot featuring branding on the wall and clothing

casual corporate team photograph in a meeting room
Blue branding colour featured in shirts, on the screen and in the brochures on the table


  • Have a think about what space you would like to feature in your corporate photography shoot.  Best spaces are the most light-filled and spacious rooms. 

  • Before the shoot, clean up the area by hiding away electrical cords, packing away unnecessary office materials and testing any computer screens in case you’d like to use these to show logos or other background pictures.

  • For any group images where some staff are sitting and some standing, ensure you have a selection of chairs and stools of different heights to use. 

  • If you would like to use an outdoor area, know what part of the day it is in shade or in sun.  This may govern whether our shoot starts indoors or outdoors. 


 Above all else, when it comes to photos ‘less' is often ‘more’.  Think simple and classic in all aspects of your corporate photography shoot.


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