Photographing loose diamonds

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For quite a few years now, I have specialised in jewellery photography. I was recently asked to shoot loose diamonds for a Perth wholesale company that deals in coloured stones.

Up to this point I thought jewellery photography was tricky, but shooting loose diamonds is another game altogether! There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the stones are most often tiny, and photographing something that small is hard! Secondly, all stones have varying degrees of colour hue and hue intensity. One can be rated pink, another pink brown and the one after, pink purple.  One can be 1P, meaning very, very strong colour pink, but another can be 9P, which is so light pink it is almost clear.  Successfully showing these very slight variations when all the stones also vary in carat (size) and clarity (inclusions) is a major achievement.

As I keep saying to everyone, Andrea Russell loves photography that requires problem solving and this job definitely required it!  Above are a few images for you to enjoy.