A range of angles

When I photograph product, especially high-end product like diamond jewellery for an online store, clients often ask for each piece to be photographed from a few different angles.  This range of images gives their potential buyers an opportunity to see the piece in much more detail and give them a sense of what the piece is like in real life.  This is incredibly important when selling goods over the internet.

Rings in particular are often photographed from at least 2, but often 3 angles; profile, top shot from the side and front on.

If a ring consists of a few components that can come apart, then a photograph showing this is also required.

Necklaces often require two images per product; a full-length image that shows the clasp as well as a close up.

Sometimes I photograph an extra image in cases where a necklace has an interesting pendant.

The initial shoot for most clients is often large, photographing their full range of products, each one at few different angles, as discussed before.  After that, clients come back periodically for me to shoot their new ranges, which will be added to their online store.

In all the photo shoots what is important is consistency in images across the board.  It means shooting at the same angles, using the same lighting, processing the images the same way and finishing them off digitally with same reflections or shadows.  This attention to detail is the reason clients come back to work with a specialist product photographer like myself.