Perfume Product Photography

Perfume and Fragrance Perth product photography
Perfume Product Photography by Andrea Russell

When two Australian entrepreneurs who started the Brand Protagonist X asked me to photograph their first fragrance – Prometheus, I was excited.  The perfume bottle has a very unique hexagonal prism shape with many glass surfaces consisting of four triangular raised planes of glass.  The cap is unique as well so photographing this product was truly a challenge in lighting.  Having said this, product photography which requires lots of problem solving is exactly the type of work I enjoy the most!

The brief for the shoot was:

To capture the bottle and box in the best possible light on a white background.  

To create a styled image that represents some of the spicy woody scent.  

To create a dark moody image.

The emphasis in the first place was photographing the glass planes of the bottle and the cap as well as capturing the correct colour of the Eau de Parfum – all shot on a crisp white background.

Perfume and Fragrance Perth product photography

For the styled image, clients brought in some bark and branches to use as props.  I experimented with different lighting colored gels which gave the images a point of difference.   

Perfume and Fragrance Perth product photography

The last image was probably the hardest to shoot.  The image had to show a dark moody background but not lose the sense of the bottle shape nor the light yellow colour of the perfume.   

Perfume and Fragrance Perth product photography

Below is a lovely Google recommendation from my clients after the shoot:

“Cannot fault the work that Andrea did. Professional but down to earth conduct for the whole process. Not only did Andrea produce some exceptionally high-quality images, but she was very responsive to any changes and specifics that we wanted. In addition, we managed to have the photography done in a lot quicker time than we accounted for, a testament to Andrea’s efficiency. Was nothing short of a pleasure working with Andrea and I look forward to more opportunities to do so.”

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