Cosmetics and Makeup Product photography

Image featuring botanicals used in the BlinkInk mascara

Photographing cosmetics and makeup products is often a work-in-progress type of a job.  This means the same product may need to be photographed in many different ways.  There are two main reasons this happens.  First reason is that over time, packaging box and signage on the packaging may change and therefore images need to be updated.  

The second reason for re-shooting the product images is due to different marketing strategies.  As product developer approaches different distributors and retailers, they will ask for any range of images, each one with a different marketing focus.  They may want the shoot to feature accessories like flowers or wings already used in the model shoot because this will tie-in all the images nicely when featured on a website or in online advertising.  Sometimes the images need to focus on celebrating the different natural ingredients the product is made of.  Retailers or online stores may also ask for a moody dark feel to images or it may need to be a light and clean feel featuring water to show the product’s cleansing elements.  

The images featured in this article show examples of how two products; a cleansing stick and a mascara by Hisweet, can be shot in many different ways.     

Water represents a fresh and clean feel
Andrea Russell cosmetics product photography