Car accessories

Recently I finished photographing a range of exquisite car accessories for a Perth based company Bling My Ride.  The photographic brief from my clients was very specific; the images had to be shot on black acrylic and silk to match the look of their website and provide a beautiful setting for their shiny and glittery products.  I had to match some the macro images they already had as well as provide ideas on how best to photograph some new products in their car jewellery range.  It was a challenging photoshoot but I love photographing such product.  The clients were very kind in their recommendation comments after they received the images: 

“Andrea has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Our products are embellished with crystals and glitter and are highly reflective.  She managed to take amazing images with great lighting.  She is highly experienced, professional, replies promptly and takes care of every detail!  Hoping to work with you again the near future, thank you again!”