Beverage photography

Wine photography by Andrea Russell

Wine, gin, beer, cocktails, juice or any other beverage product photography comes down to a few important factors.  

Most importantly it is all about the bottle the product is packaged in.  A good photographer will showcase the shape, colour, textures and important label details of every bottle.  Focusing in on the bottle labels is particularly important.  Labels have to be clear and showcase any textural or shimmer details.  The images often include a glass of the product next to the bottle so the colour of the liquid is visible.  This is important with red wine in particular because the bottles are dark and do not show the colour of the liquid inside them.  Lastly, each bottle conveys a particular mood and beverage product photographers use various lighting, props and composition to tell this story.  

In this blog Andrea Russell Product Photographer features some of her beverage photography work with the focus on glass photography, gin and wine photography as well as e-commerce bottle photography on white background.

Sparkling Rose photography by Andrea Russell
Glassware photography by Andrea Russell
Gin Photography
e-Commerce Photography
e-Commerce Bottle Photography on white background