Bedding and Linen

Photographing white silky bamboo linen on a white background is definitely the reason to work with a commercial product photographer.   Recently I spent a full day working with a client to create a range of images of their specialty pillows as well as their new bamboo linen.  

In order to have enough images to use in social media feeds as well as on their website, we shot their products on 4 different backdrops; plain white, grey and blue as well as on top of their own white bamboo sheets.  

Creating contrast with lighting is something I used to increase ‘interest’ in images where product was white and had to be photographed on a white background.  Making the product look ‘sparkling white’ but not overexposing it was also something to keep in mind during the shoot.  Introducing grey and blue backgrounds really made Macoda products ‘pop’ out of the shot and the blue complimented the company’s own blue logos and signage.  

If your company is looking to update the images you use to advertise your product, please get in touch with Perth product photographer Andrea Russell on 0403 549 595.